Jimmy Crankhorn

Best described as a curmudgeon, Jimmy holds nothing back in his often scathing songs. Releases


Skettywah has one mission, and that’s to get you on the dance floor. Based in Denver, Colorado, this outfit sold its soul to the Demon of Disco, the Phantom of Funk, and the Hades of the Eighties. Releases


Granvide is an attempt to answer the question “What does forever sound like?” A shared journey of self-discovery and contemplation, this psychedelic collective is constantly in search of new dimensions. Formed in Colorado and inspired by the therapeutic power of music, Granvide seeks to amplify the voice of the eternal. Releases

Tully Crenshaw

Tully Crenshaw is a truly elusive artist from “all over, really”, who performs sporadically at best and has a rotating cast of players in his band. What recordings we have usually come in the form of a padded yellow envelope showing up at the label offices. Releases


Slacktown is a bar rock trio from suburban Denver. Releases

Spark Syndikat

Award-winning, Denver-based singer-songwriters Lauren Brombert (www.laurenbrombert.com) and Andy Ard (www.andyard.com), each an independent artist, join musical forces to create epic empowerment tunes. Years after meeting at a songwriting conference, they decided to try cowriting. The fusion of their respective sensibilities and a desire to write songs that inspire led to the launch of Spark Syndikat.  […]

Andy Ard

Andy Ard is a Denver, Colorado singer/songwriter who collaborates with a variety of artists to make a rootsy Americana pop rock mix. He’s an award-winning songwriter and the band director for Voices Rock, an adult rock choir that has performed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. https://andyard.com/ Disco.ac Playlist