If the logo looks like something a ninth grader scrawled on a notebook, that’s because it was. Or so we’re told. This garage-rock-punk-LoFi outfit was dreamed up years ago by a bunch of really bored teenagers.

Loaferbees is the band you get when you give instruments to the kids who were skipping recess and couldn’t pay attention in fire drills. We don’t know if they graduated, but they’re adults now and can sign legally binding contracts, thank goodness. Our production assistants have to go track them down when it’s time to record or tour, which is a spotty proposition at times.

The band actually has a sizable repertoire, and we are working to capture as much of it as possible before they take an all-too-predictable route so many bands do.


Disco.ac Playlist

Coming soon

Loaferbees are currently in studio and gradually fulfilling their recording contract. They’re also consuming a lot of energy drinks and playing video games, so sit tight.


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