• Andy Ard

    Andy Ard

    Andy Ard is a Denver, Colorado singer/songwriter who collaborates with a variety of artists to make a rootsy Americana pop rock mix. He’s an award-winning songwriter and the band director for Voices Rock, an adult rock choir that has performed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Playlist

  • Slacktown


    Slacktown is a bar rock trio from suburban Denver. Releases

  • Spark Syndikat

    Spark Syndikat

    Award-winning, Denver-based singer-songwriters Lauren Brombert ( and Andy Ard (, each an independent artist, join musical forces to create epic empowerment tunes. Years after meeting at a songwriting conference, they decided to try cowriting. The fusion of their respective sensibilities and a desire to write songs that inspire led to the launch of Spark Syndikat.  […]

  • Tully Crenshaw

    Tully Crenshaw

    Tully Crenshaw is a truly elusive artist from “all over, really”, who performs sporadically at best and has a rotating cast of players in his band. What recordings we have usually come in the form of a padded yellow envelope showing up at the label offices. Releases